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26 December 2009 @ 04:43 pm
Happy 6th Anniversary TVXQ!  
try to post this entries with english
sorry if there are LOT mistake nyehehehhhe
happy reading~

you know them?
yah, I know,that just a Korean boyband,just like another ..
at the first,honestly,I don't like them XD but now,I'm addicted to them :')
and now,when I'm addicted in them,a problem appeared,but you know,the problem just make me always trust in them ..
when the other think like they were in really big problem *although they were* I love them like nothing wrong with them,

Xiah Junsu-Micky Yoochun-Youngwoong Jaejoong-Max Changmin-U-know Yunho

who make me cannot look into another boyband,
you said I'm crazy or possessive or anything,up to you
but that's me,they got me,under they SPELL, and i can't resist it :3

6 years,
they worked hard,until they became Asia's star
that's not easy,many times they were injured
because exercising too much ..

all of your problem,I believe you didn't want these all
my feeling as a fan said,5 of you is forced,especially Yunho and Changmin,na-ah i don't care about that anymore :3
all i want is remembering all of your hard work from a clueless singer and singer who dream about being famous in the world,
until now,and your dreams were fulfilled,or maybe no?

Oppa-deul,whatever happened to you,I always believe you all
and my trust over you will never change :)
whatever they said about me,a simple girl who loves you so much,I don't care
while you were disappearing,many boyband are coming out,and you know what?
I didn't really interested in them like I'm in love with you :')
and ..
my love over you won't change ..

I know this is just a simple writing about you
because there's no word that best to describe you :')
I love you DBSK,you are the one,eternally ..
oh no~
I'm sorry because of this entries
too bad to read -,-
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kattan69kattan69 on August 5th, 2010 04:08 am (UTC)
Have to drop by and wish you a....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have fun celebrating your big day. Wish you all the best!!!