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24 June 2012 @ 09:26 pm

Pick 3 of your OTPs, without looking at the questions.

1. Yunjae (Yunho/Jaejoong of TVXQ!)

2. RicSyung (Eric/Hyesung of Shinhwa)

3. GTOP (Top/G-Dragon of Big Bang)

1. What made you ship 3?

They are so adorable! Like, how GD is so clingy to TOP, also about the height difference (lol sorry GD), seems like TOP could protect GD with his tall figure. They might be not real but nvm lawl.

2. Is 2 cannon?

I hope so :( Both always teases each other lol they are the water and oil.

3. What is your favorite moment between 1?

I CAN'T CHOOSE! SO FUCKING MUCH. Maybe my favorite is in YunJae couple talk in AADBSK2 when Yunho put his hand on Jae's thigh and Jaejoong covered it with his own and squeezed it >< gdi I miss them.

4. If you could put 3 in any scenario, what would it be?

Jiyong-ah, it's okay. I'll always be here for you.
But Hyun, I'm Bigbang's leader, yet I ruined our name by my carelessness. I'm sorry. 
His tears flowed down, regretting what he had done. Seunghyun brought his head to lean on his shoulder, letting his partner had his alone time. Maybe he was wrong, but he has no right to judge, he was here to support his lover, not to worsen his emotional condition.

5. Favorite lines said between 1?

"Maybe if we are a real couple, we'll have a serious relationship."- Yunho to YunJae.

6. Has everything you want happened between 2?


8. Would a crossover work between the three?

yes 8D

9. Recommend a blog dedicated to 2


10. Recommend a fic about 3

I don't keep up with gtop sooooo no.

11. What’s 1 shipper name?

Yunjae shipper

12. Favorite episode/chapter of 3?

I don't read fic abt them.

13. Does anyone In Real Life know you ship 2?


14. Do you also ship 1’s actors?


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